New look, new focus!

Hello there,

For those of you who may have been reading this before you’ll notice quite a change! Since having our son, Kiran, I’ve decided to write a blog of his travels separately to this one which will both allow me to write about our families travels and be a nice little digital scrap book for him when he gets older.

This has given me chance to separate out my two passions (teaching and travelling) a little better in terms of writing about them, as such I’ll be using this site for my teaching related posts.  My plan for the site is still quite loose at the moment and will likely change over time but for now I’m going to be using it as a space to write about the different aspects of my practice I’m focusing on.  This will include activities and ideas for specific lessons but also some posts about wider aspects of education and reflections on my own practice.

As I write this today I’ve had a hugely rewarding day with my class of second and third graders; we held our first book talk today and later recorded it as a podcast for their newly launched site Mosaica’s Mini Monsters (my students named this site themselves, they may have recently learned about alliteration!). This is something I’ll write about more in a separate post but its a nice point to start, or rather, restart posting on as I was so proud of them today.  A parent of one of my students recently remarked that she couldn’t be a teacher; in her eyes (and she is by no means alone) my job is all about ‘dealing with’ students’ behaviour.  I honestly couldn’t feel more different: I love my job, I love motivating my students to constantly be better versions of themselves, I love the challenge of finding new and engaging ways to help them to understand and explore the world around them and I love those moments when it all just clicks and you see those eyes in front of you glitter and sparkle with pride.  That is why I do this job, this career.  That is what happened to me in class today. And that is what I want to capture here.

Well… try at least!


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