Great Games for Literacy and Numeracy

Great Games for Literacy and Numeracy

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During the last week of school I love to round off our year by replaying my class’ favourite Maths and English games from the year.  I rotate our games through the year as ability, preference and focus changes but its always fun to go back and bring out some of the ‘classics’.  The kids love it too, plus its a good demonstration of how far they’ve come.

This got me thinking that I should write about some of my favourites that both offer a great way to practice concepts and skills AND keep my students engaged and happy throughout. Part of the reason I’ve not written this post before is that, to be quite honest, it’s a bit of a daunting task! I mean, there are so many great activities out there and they cover such different topics and skills that I had no idea how to write about them all.  After a fair bit of head-scratching (and don’t worry, it’s not another lice outbreak! … sorry Primary School humour) I’ve decided that the best way forward will be to create a mini-series of posts all connected to the theme of great classroom games, but each with a particular focus. Rather than create a separate post for every sub-section of the curriculum I’m going to group the posts by the materials used – this way I can also discuss how I incorporate them into my lessons. In each post I’ll aim to discuss 3-5 games for both Literacy and Numeracy, although I can’t guarantee I won’t sneak a science or humanities games in there too!

So, here’s the breakdown of the posts I’ll be putting up over the next few weeks:

Part One: Bought or re-purposed games

Part Two: Created/printed games

Part Three: No materials needed!

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4 thoughts on “Great Games for Literacy and Numeracy

  1. […] There’s nothing more discouraging for your students than seeing the same 3 games over and over again.  That’s not to say that repetition isn’t valuable – it absolutely is.  However variety is also really important and so having a great bank of games to draw upon (and circle back to when the time is right) through the whole year is crucial.  Check out Pinterest for an easy way to search for ideas, or even my earlier series on Great Games for Literacy and Numeracy. […]


  2. […] I’ve written before about the importance of games in learning and how to include more games in lessons, and this is also true of reading.  Great games about creating stories, writing and reading secret messages and changing the endings of classic stories are all such wonderful ways to encourage readers.  By making the process more interactive you’re breaking down some of their preconceptions that reading is ‘boring’ (not all kids have this, but it is an important consideration for some).  If you’re in need of some inspiration for games to play have a quick read of my earlier post series Great Games for Literacy and Numeracy. […]


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