Summer Shopping Wish List

Are you like me? As soon as the end of the school year is in sight you start browsing the shops (online and real) for things for next year in your spare time? The excitement of a new year, a new class is great and I’m always on the look out for a few new things to make my next year get off to an awesome start, plus those staple items we always need! So here’s just a short sample of items from my wish list for the new year:

Colour Coding Stickers

Having just discovered the post ‘How to Make the Most of your Classroom Library’ by Michael Friermood at The Thinker Builder I can’t wait to get started on the library for my new class! As part of that I love his suggestion of colour/sticker coding books and their boxes so that the students can re-shelve books themselves. I’ve found these great colour coding stickers on by Audioprint Ltd on Amazon UK.

Decoration Frames

I love these decoration frames and can already think of so many ways to use them! I’m think a name/photo display for the start of school and then to highlight great work through the year, you can grab them here.

Sticky Back Vinyl

This is an idea I’ve been wanting to try out for a while, I use dry-erase board all the time in class and my students love to use them to make notes, work out answers, etc.  So why not have dry-erase circles on the desk using this lovely bright sticky back vinyl.

Other items on my list (that I’ve not really looked into much yet so no links just yet – sorry!) include:

  • Cushions/bean bags depending on what I can find locally
  • Storage boxes for all my lovely new books (more on those soon!)
  • Math Wrap Ups – I’ve been using Saxon Math for the last 3 years and love the wrap ups and palettes – need to find something similar to use next year!
  • The usual summer pick ups of borders/cut letters for displays (because who wants to cut out all those letters!)

I’m sure my list is only going to grow as I look around over the summer – what’s on your list? What are those items you can’t wait to find over the break?


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