My Summer Reads 2015

My Summer Reads 2015

My school year here in India has come to an end and I’m off to pastures new over the summer.  Before we head into the break here’s a quick look into a few of the things I’ll be reading this summer:

The Learning Powered School – Guy Claxton

This was recommended to us by our new school and is essentially a practice manual for the whole school implementation of concepts such as Growth Mindset and character education.

Creative Schools – Ken Robinson

I love Ken Robinson’s work and can’t wait to read his latest books looking at how schools themselves are revolutionising the approach to education.

Schooled – Anisha Lakhani
I’ve had this floating around on my ‘to read’ list for a while but it always seems to slip by – I’m hoping this summer I get the chance to read what is supposed to be a funny and interesting read!

The Peacock Emporium – Jojo Moyes
For a great summer read to relax and forget the world what could be better than a book from Jojo Moyes; although I’ve read her more recent works I’m looking forward to reading The Peacock Emporium immensely!

The Sunlit Night – Rebecca Dinerstein
A summer love romance with travel and adventure woven in – what’s not to love about this book?!

I never know how much of my reading list I’ll get through but with a lovely break coming up I can’t wait to dive into at least a couple of these!



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