Summer Book Haul

Summer Book Haul!

New books!!!

Sorry, that’s really not how a blog post should start but I’m just so excited! Ahead of my move I decided to make the most of what is secretly one of my favourite things about India (sorry monuments, culture, history, food and people!) – books here are often really, really cheap! My son has benefited from this immensely: at 1 year old (his birthday was just last week) he has over 100 books. So with a new class library to set up in August I raided the bookstores, both physical and online, and I’m so thrilled with my haul.  I can’t wait to be able to set it all up and get another group of kids excited about their own reading adventures.

Here’s a sneak peak into what will be in my classroom library next year:

Summer Book Haul

I started off with some great picture books from Mo Willems and for the Elephant and Piggie books will definitely be borrowing an idea from a colleague of mine this year to have masks for the students to wear while they read together (thanks Nadia!).


I continued the picture book collection with these great additions from Oliver Jeffers.  The Day the Crayons Quit is just adorable! Next I added a true classic:

Summer Book Haul

The next step up from these will be my beginning readers, of which I have a nice little selection:

Summer Book Haul Summer Book Haul

I then searched for a few beginner’s chapter books and decided to build couple of each series into my haul to encourage kids who like them to really explore the series, plus they’ll be easy to add to once the class get to know and love them:

Summer Book Haul Summer Book Haul Summer Book Haul Summer Book Haul IMG_4322

I only have one each of Nate the Great and Judy Moody pictured because shipping on others would have taken too long so I’ll be on the hunt for those in the UK/Malaysia! Luckily these are a little longer so are likely to be more popular toward the end of the year so I have some time! I got some of the Magic Tree House non-fiction fact checkers too as they are a great way to tempt kids who love fiction into the amazing world of non-fiction which I’m excited about.

Speaking of non-fiction I picked up a few great books in that category too – although not as many as I would like…but that gives me a great reason to go book shopping over the break!

Summer Book Haul Summer Book Haul

Finally I had a search for some titles to tempt boys, who sadly are more likely to be reluctant readers, and found some wonderful titles that I’m sure they (and the girls of course!) will really get into:

Summer Book Haul Summer Book Haul Summer Book Haul

The Shamimi Flint series was top of my list for this as it has convinced a couple of my boys this year to dive into reading with huge success! The Captain Awesome books are a nice blended of early readers and comics which I find go down a hit and finally the A to Z mystery series is a new one for me but they look wonderful and really engaging!

What’s even better is that this haul cost me less than £60! And as we all know the only things better than books are more books! (Okay, so maybe not the only thing…but still, they are pretty awesome).


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