Journeys Through Teaching

Journeys Through Teaching

Celebrating Kuwait’s National and Liberation Day 2019

An amazing part of the life of an international teacher is getting to experience and participate in holidays and celebrations you’d probably never see at ‘home’. This week Kuwait celebrated National Day (25th Feb) and Liberation Day (26th Feb) as these are national holidays we had our school celebration late last week before the break.

The two days coincide but mark very different events in Kuwait’s history.  In short National Day marks the Amir’s ascension to the throne whilst Liberation Day marks the end of the Gulf War and the Liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi forces.  You can read more about them here: Kuwait Times Article

So how do we celebrate at AIS?

Shared Moments

For National and Liberation Day the whole country dresses up in the colours of the flag (Green, White, Red and Black) – and school is no exception! Here are a few of our students showing off their colours:

Children and Teachers celebrating at AIS Kuwait

Our students also love singing together, with the K U W A I T song being a huge favourite!

Following Tradition

Each year the school comes together for the Parade.  Students and staff from the Middle and High School, along with parents from across the school come out to watch and cheer on the Elementary school children who show off their colours and wave flags as they parade through the school.  This is a school version of an old National Day tradition of having a colourful parade – a tradition which sadly doesn’t continue for the country as a whole but does here at AIS.

Trying Something New

This year our school’s Parent Group added in some new activities including information sessions for the children on Liberation Day in particular to carry forward understanding of what happened during the Gulf War and why Liberation was so important and must be remembered.

This was followed up with some art and sport activities, a read aloud and a big shared lunch!

Activities to celebrate

It’s always so much fun, and also a great chance to learn and see things from new perspective whenever we get to celebrate different events and holidays.

Happy National and Liberation Days Kuwait!

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