Rethinking Feedback: Time to try it out!

A couple of weeks ago I shared this post about Rethinking Feedback:

We posed the question:

What if instead of giving feedback on a piece of work against levels/grades/rubrics, we gave feedback on signs of growth

The idea was surprisingly simple, yet hopefully effective. Switch feedback from grades and levels to signs of growth. In doing so we switch the conversation away from the work and back to the learning, but we also place a stronger emphasis on progress than we do on achievement. Since then I’ve been thinking about ways to take this into the classroom, and have put together some reflection prompts to use in conversations/conferences with our learners as well as some reflection and feedback graphic organisers to help support and prompt thinking. Here’s what we have so far:

Prompt Questions

Our next step is to get these into the classroom and see what works and what we’d like to change, add, improve etc so that we continue to show signs of growth as educators too!

Luckily, I work with some amazing teachers who are willing to try this out and share feedback on what works, what to tweak, where to go next, etc. They’re going to be trying out this switch of focus with their students, using the documents to support it and helping me move the idea forward. Hopefully in a few weeks we’ll have some initial reflections from teachers and students to consider, some mistakes to learn from, and more progress towards changing the way we think about feedback!

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