Journeys Through Teaching

Journeys Through Teaching

Round Up: Best Education Books of 2019

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Education publications move fast, and keeping up with new reads and great authors can be challenging at best! Here we round up some of the best releases this year;

Tech with Heart: Stacey Roshan

For teachers who are looking to integrate EdTech in ways which are purposeful and truly support student learning this is a great read. Roshan helps teachers see ways in which tech can be student centered and empathetic, not a distraction.

Hacking Questions: Connie Hamilton

If you’re looking for ways to increase inquiry in your teaching and learning – this is the book for you. Part of the Hack Learning series, this book aims to help teachers create and use questions to drive higher level thinking and deeper learning.

Stop Talking Start Influencing: Jared Cooney Horvarth

Offering a reference list for educators of lessons from brain science to shape students learning and understand how the brain works in relation to learning. Packed with tips and real-life examples, this is well worth the read for even the most seasoned teacher out there.

Coherent School Leadership: Micheal Fullan and Lyle Kirtman

This is next on my reading list – I’ve heard/read good things about it so far!

Learning in the Making: Jackie Gerstein

The Makerspace movement has brought an increase in hands on, experiential and STEM learning to classrooms. But it can be tough to plan, manage and asses. Learning in the Making offers practical steps for teachers to do just that!

Taking SEL School Wide: Thomas R Hoerr

I saved this for last since it’s not due for release until December 18th 2019 – but its one I’m looking forward to reading. Our understanding of the importance of SEL is still in its infancy really, and I’m hoping this will help me think about SEL more strategically.

What’s been on your reading list this year? Did any of these make it?

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