International Teaching: Everything you need to know.

This week we’re excited to launch a new series of blog posts: International Teaching: Everything you need to know.  This series of 6 posts will be released over the coming few weeks and offer a wealth of information for teachers considering a move overseas, whether for the first time or the fifth. 

Click on the titles below to view each post:

Is International Teaching Right For Me?

The International Job Search: What to look for and where.

International Teaching Interview Preparation: Tips and tricks. – 7th February 2020

Documents and Visas: Everything you need to know when working abroad. – 21st February 2020

Moving Abroad: How should I prepare? – 6th March 2020

You’ve Arrived at your New School, Now What? – 20th March 2020

International teaching is deeply rewarding and a truly transformative journey, but it is also daunting and can be overwhelming.  Our hope is that this guide will provide you with some clarity on what to expect and some useful questions, resources and ideas to support your journey. 

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