Journeys Through Teaching

Journeys Through Teaching

Communication Skills: Working towards the IB ATLs

This is a post that’s been sitting on my laptop waiting to be finished for a while now due to the rapidly changes circumstances under Covid-19. However, I’ve now had time to do final touches and am ready to share.

Skills Continuum

Much like our previous posts on Thinking Skills and Research Skills this is a grade by grade break down of the Communication ATL Skills. As always this is shared here as a PDF. If you’d like an editable version please get in touch via Twitter, the comments or by email at

An image of the Communication Skills Continuum – PDF below

Phases vs. Grades

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to share and discuss this work with many other coordinators and teachers in the past few months. One conversation I’ve had a few times is about the decisions to use grade levels rather than phases. I think this decision is flexible based on your context. Personally, I love to see kids grouped into phases however I know that this isn’t always possible (especially in large schools). As my purpose here is to support my teachers the best I can using grade levels worked best. However, you will notice that I’ve kept the breakdown similar from grade to grade with a gradual change. This should make it easy to blend for phases if this works better for your students and teachers!


As always, please feel free to share, adapt and improve! I just ask that you let people know where you found it and (cheekily) that you direct them to the website.

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  1. Hi, Emma! Thanknyou fir sharing these wonderful resources so generously.
    Was wondering if you would have a similar continuum in place for Social Skills too?

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