Self-Management Skills: Working Towards the IB ATLs

This week we’re happy to share our latest IB ATL continuum; self-management skills. If you haven’t already seen them, please check out our previous posts here:

Research Skills

Thinking Skills

Communication Skills

As we worked through self-management skills it was really interesting to see just how many of these are critical to a student’s success during virtual/online learning too. Whilst the current circumstances have raised so many challenges, I wonder if it may lead to some good conversations about the ATLs outside of the walls of school once we are able to return.

It also made me think about my own skills during this time. I’m working from home (and having moved home quite dramatically as you can read here) with 2 young children to support and it’s been a challenge to find my own balance and regulation of time, resources and emotions. This reminds me that the power of the IB framework lies in how universal it is, and how it will carry our students forwards beyond school. Chances are if you are reading this you likely work in an IB school or similar, but if not I do urge you to read more about it.

Below you can find the link to the PDF of the continuum but as always please get in touch if you’d like an editable version. I love hearing from others about how they’ve grown, adapted and improved this work for their own contexts!

9 thoughts on “Self-Management Skills: Working Towards the IB ATLs

  1. Hi – I appreciate your work – would it be possible to have an editable version of the ATL’s ?

  2. Hi Emma,
    I would love a copy of the editable ATL continuums that you’ve created so far for our school to investigate.
    All your hard work and willingness to share is much appreciated
    With thanks,

  3. Hi Emma,
    I have recently discovered your fabulous ATL continuums. I am amazed at the excellent work you have put in to creating these. Would you mind sharing an editable version with me? Also, have you plans to create the Social Skills continuum as well?
    Thank you for sharing!

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