5 Things to do if you are a teacher without a job for next year

Covid-19 has rocked the world of education in so many ways. For many, this means a lot of uncertainty for the year ahead. Whether it’s because your international contract is no longer possible with travel restrictions, changes in student numbers, health concerns, or something else, if you are without a teaching post for next year we have a list of 5 things you can do now to improve your situation.

1. Tutor

Tutoring has long been an alternative to classroom teaching, and recently there’s been a rise in online tutoring available that has been strengthen by the current Covid-19 pandemic. How well you will be paid will depend on your experience, who you work for and the hours you put in. You may find options to tutor someone you already know, or get in touch with people online. A few common platforms are;



2. Upskill/Study

With more time than you expected, check out your options for studying an upskilling. From professional development to learning languages and more there are so many options now. If your finances allow, then check out courses that will give you professional certificates to boost your CV, here are a few places to begin your search;

Harvard GSE

The Open University

If a paid course isn’t in your budget right now, then check out some of these places for free courses to get you started. You can also look online for free conferences, join Twitter chats, read online posts, etc.




3. Apply to lots of roles

If you are actively looking for a new job, but just don’t have one now then consider what you apply for. When it comes to finding a new job now is the time to be a risk-taker. Send off your CV, hit apply on big websites, use LinkedIn to find opportunities and more. Some of the roles you apply for might not be ones you would have considered last year, but it might open the door for you to find just what you need. Try to overcome that fear lots of us have about selling our skills and experience and putting ourselves out there. We’re not suggesting you take a job you don’t want – just that you apply broadly so that you have more options to consider.

If you haven’t before, consider contacting recruiters. There are pros and cons to recruiters at any time, but right now the more people trying to find you a job the more likely you are to find something.

4. Consider different locations

Right now, the job market is turbulent to say the least. If you have been teaching in your home country you may want to look abroad. And if you are an international teacher you may want to consider changing your planned destination based on where is open/likely to open soon.

Great places to look for international jobs include;



Search Associates

5. Build your online presence

If you have already heard about the power of building your presence online, then now might be the time to get reading and get started. Having a solid LinkedIn, Twitter/IG, or a website is a great way to show your skills, your commitment to reflection and to improving your practice and building connections. LinkedIn is a good place to start as its all about professional connections which helps you find the balance between your personal and professional online presence.

Check out these posts for tips on how to do this;



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