Top 5 Read Alouds to Build Community

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Shared reading experiences are a powerful way to build community. When we share stories we share journeys, emotions and more. As we look to build community in our classrooms, here’s our run down of some great read alouds for your class;

1. All Are Welcome Here by Alexandra Penfold

A heart-warming message of inclusion, support and diversity. This is our go-to whole school read aloud for the year. We love this book for the way it sets a tone for your year that every member of your community is welcome, safe, seen and valued.

2. Have you Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud

This classic story of happiness, warmth and kindness is a great way to build a community on these positive ideas. The internet is awash with great activities to reinforce this message in the short, medium and long term making this book a great one to refer back to and strengthen those community values time and time again.

3. Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry

A beautiful tale of friendship, this book is loved across the primary age range and has the powerful combination of incredible illustrations and a wonderful, actionable, message.

4. What do you do with an idea? by Kobi Yamada

What’s not to love in this lovely message of hope, confidence and inspiration. Another great read aloud for building community around the ideas of trying out our ideas and growing together.

5. I Wonder by K.A. Holt

An absolute must in any school that promotes inquiry and asking questions, I Wonder helps encourage our whole community to be inquisitive, to ask questions and to engage with the world around them. Ranging from powerful to silly, deep to frivolous this book is great for a real demonstration of the value in wondering.

What are your go to books for building community? Which read-alouds to you find work best to inspire, challenge and unite?

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