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Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Hello! This is Emma, I’m 31, British and married to my husband, Mark and together we have two young children, Kiran and Aliya. I’m a PYP Coordinator working internationally and write the blog to share my thoughts and ideas as well as keep up to date with the cutting edge of education thought and practice.

After finishing university we faced a choice; follow the established path before us (get a job, buy a house, settle down) or strike out on our own and do something a little different. We chose the latter and that decision initially took us to live in South Korea. Here we worked hard to become better teachers, and better travellers.  We learned a lot from those around us, made some very good friends and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  After a couple of years though we needed a change.  At this stage many who’ve taken a similar path to us (moving to SK to teach) head back home to either work or to go back to university.  This didn’t feel right for us however so we hit the road backpacking for a few months before moving on to Albania to work. Since then we have continued to travel and to teach in a combination we both love. We’re now happily living in Kuwait with our son, Kiran (don’t panic, we didn’t misspell Kieran, its an Indian name to reflect the fact he was born there) and young daughter Aliya (Arabic name for her as she was born in Kuwait). This blog is a chance for me to write about the work I do as a teacher and curriculum coordinator; a job I am incredibly passionate about.  Whilst I’d love it if other people found this useful, interesting or engaging, I’m happy enough right now to be using it as a chance to reflect on my own practice and develop myself further as a teacher.   If you’d like to get in touch you can contact me through the blog, or via twitter @EmmainMaputo

All photos on this blog are taken by Emma or Mark Wheatley unless otherwise stated.

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  1. We are very lucky to be in a profession that allows us to travel and actually helps people! Looking forward to hearing more of your stories 🙂

  2. Thanks Emma! I just down loaded your rubric for ATL thinking skills in the PYP. I can just wondering what your progression is based on? It is very helpful- I would love to know how you went about developing this criteria. If you prefer to email me I can be contacted at: vreid@vis.ac.at

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