Journeys Through Teaching

Journeys Through Teaching

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Online consultations and coaching available

Professional Development Support

We offer a personalised coaching program for individuals looking to develop an area of their practice. This might be learning more about inquiry based teaching, implementing the ATLs, planning for learning, building a reading culture, and many more.

For schools and teams you can request professional development sessions, support for planning and delivery, or consultations with small groups.


Packages available from $50 for single sessions of individuals, through to a fully tailored program for your team


How You’ll Learn:

– Online options include live video sessions, recorded presentations, digital resources, email or messaging
– When appropriate, you’ll be guided to further resources to support your journey

Whilst this is a paid service, interested parties from developing countries are encouraged to get it touch to talk about flexible pricing.

Founder of Journeys Through Teaching

Emma Wheatley

I’m a Vice-Principal and PYP Coordinator, Evaluator for CIS, and owner of Journeys Through Teaching.

I offer coaching for individuals to help guide your professional growth as well as consultations to help strengthen the Professional Development you offer for your team.

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